christmas eve communion.

Hi friends,

Merry (belated) Christmas and a Happy (belated) New Year! Now that the Christmas vortex has hopefully slowed down for you, I know it can feel a little odd… like you don’t quite know what to do with yourself, and everything is a whole lot quieter. I have a Christmas memory from The Dale floating around in my head, and I wanted to document it here. Hopefully this helps bring a little joy to your new year and can help you remember that the joy of the season can be held onto and sprinkled into your life all year round.

On Christmas Eve, Jo, Erinn, myself, Erinn’s daughter Cate, and her friend went to visit a friend of ours who has recently been moved from his home in Parkdale, to a hospital, to a nursing home. “John” holds fast to his faith and can often be found praising God in every circumstance, but was naturally feeling a little lonely to be away from his home at Christmas. Before our outreach walk, we decided to visit him and do communion together, something that we knew would bring him joy.

John invited his new friend Dave from down the hall and we set up communion on his hospital-like table, placing a white cloth over it and adorning it with Erinn’s portable communion items… some grape juice and rice crackers from the Dollarama, a small bottle of port, and some golden dishes from her wicker basket. We prayed, and fed each other communion, passing the bread and wine and saying, “This is the body of Christ, broken for you.” It was a reminder of the reason for the season, that Jesus came as a baby, sent from God his Father to live with us here on Earth. It was a reminder of his life and how he suffered like we do, and ultimately died for us as a man for our sins.

John smiled and prayed with us, and after we decided to sing some songs together. His voice raised up in the room and through the hall. It is beautifully low and loud as he worships God, whom he puts all of his faith in. People came from down the hall to say they loved the singing and asked if we were from a choir! I had tears in my eyes as I stood watching John sing, sat in his wheelchair with his eyes lightly closed, singing proud for all to hear. I love that John loves God so much. He teaches me a lot and I love that he loves us, his Dale family. I am so grateful that we could see him for Christmas.

I can only hope that with that short visit, we brought John a piece of joy that day. I know that with that short visit my heart swelled ten sizes, and I was sure filled with joy. And I hope that He was looking down on us, pleased.

It would mean so much to me if you were able to partner financially with The Dale to support my role within this ministry. There are a number of ways to do this, including CanadaHelps, PAR, or cheque. Please reach out to me if you would like more information on partnering with me in this way. Thanks for your support!

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