year end goals.

Dear Friends,

Just over one year and a half ago as I sit here writing this, I joined the staff team at The Dale Ministries. I remember the moment I considered contacting Erinn for the first time. You can read about it here. I recall thinking that I could never work for The Dale, for one reason only – that being that I would never be able to fundraise my own financial support.

The Dale is a community in Parkdale, Toronto without our own walls. That means we do not own or operate out of our own building. We spill out onto the streets for all of our programming, such as community meals, church service, bible study, and outreach. We eat, sing, worship, pray, and walk together each week in partnership with many different people who extend their hospitality to us. The Dale seeks to welcome all, while placing at our core those who are often on the margins. We strongly believe that we all have something to offer, and can and should all receive from one another as well. We are a staff team of three, which means we rely on the love, time, and hands of so many volunteers whom we would not function without.

A Dale community member and I at our yearly camp retreat!

As I said, The Dale would not be able to do anything without the support of many people’s time, love, prayers, and financial gifts. The Dale does not receive any government funding – we rely on the gifts of those who are blessing us financially with their donations. I receive my salary in this way as well. After thinking that I could never work at The Dale and fundraise my own support, a year and a half later I am amazed at how loved I have been. I am receiving almost enough support to reach my salary of working 20 hours a week at The Dale.

After getting married earlier this year, I am focusing more on my family at home and starting a life with Ian, and would love to be able to reach my salary. To supplement my income I currently work very part time for another community I am part of called Sanctuary. In order to reach my salary goal of working 20 hours a week at The Dale, I need 7 people to give $25 a month. In order to reach my financial goal for the end of this year and make up for some shortfall, I need another $2250.

Would you like to help me reach my goals? I would be so grateful if you would be able to partner financially with me in my ministry at The Dale. Please consider joining my support team and giving in the following ways:

  1. Pre-Authorized Remittance. You can use this form if you would like to donate monthly. Please see the link to the PAR form right below this paragraph. It will open into a document.
  2. Please indicate that the donation is for me. Look for us under The Dale Ministries. You can use this site to donate monthly, or one time. Please know they do take a small percentage of what you donate.
  3. Cheque. These can be made out to The Dale Ministries, with my name in the Memo Line and mailed to: PO Box 94, Station C Toronto, ON M6K 3M7

Please share this letter and help me invite new people on this journey. If you want to follow along I often blog here! I would love to share my thoughts on life at The Dale with you.

Love and peace,