finding peace.

i am no stranger to hearing the words “it’s okay” or “don’t worry”. as a kid, I would ask my parents hundreds of many times before bed if the lights were off or the door was locked or the stove was off, or or or. you get the idea. now as an adult in my own place, i ask myself these questions all the same. “don’t worry,” they would say. “everything is okay.”

i recently discovered that i am a six on the enneagram scale. while i am still figuring that out, apparently it means that i can be security-oriented (read: anxious and suspicious). i guess it means that i like to, or need to, know that i am safe. that i can be at ease.

what i am trying to say i think is that i like to be at peace. part of the hard part about working in a community like The Dale or Sanctuary is the unpredictability of people. actually, part of living in the world is the unpredictability of people. at a moments notice, someone can move from happy to sad, angry, hostile, or violent. sometimes, when folks are experiencing mental health issues or addictions, this unpredictability can become amplified.

for someone who is anxious and security oriented, who can struggle with making decisions alone or being without a support system, this can be scary. but it can also be an opportunity. to trust others and trust myself. to not worry so much that people will blow up, but to know that i will be okay if they do. to not fear others, but find strength and hope in the ups and downs of all relationships, ones that are easy and hard.

to be honest, this blog has been hard to write. i feel like i have something i want to say but not sure how or what the words should be. alas, the six coming out in me again 😉 anyways. thanks for reading even though i lied in my last blog and haven’t been here as regularly as i had hoped. i will try and try again. thanks for sticking by me.

if you’re feeling fear today or in this season, know that at least the world is changing around us even if it feels as if we are stuck in limbo. that autumn is here and that means a fresh start in many ways. know that He who knows all and sees all is with you in all things, and there is no reason to be afraid (but it’s okay if you still feel like you are). it’s okay to ask for help and find your security in Him and in your people. and it’s okay to find it in yourself. you are stronger than you think! i am too.

let’s find peace together this week.

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