I was at the Dollarama the other night and ran into one of our friends from the Dale. He was shopping around and when he saw me I greeted him, and in his normal fashion he stopped and looked at me and said in his loudest possible voice, “Hey, Barfy!”

Our friend has many nicknames, and in turn he hands them out to other people as well. Where Barfy came from, I do not know. However, I take comfort in the fact that he uses that name often for others as well!

We talked for a couple seconds as he asked me what I was looking for and asked how Ian was doing. As we chatted he saw something out of the corner of his eye. It was a sparkling circle in the shape of a ring on the floor that obviously had fallen from someone’s pocket or bag and had been discarded without a care in the world. My friend picked it up, inspected it, and proudly put it on his finger. Someone else’s discarded nothingness was now a new ring. When I saw him today for drop-in, he was still wearing it on his finger.

Our friend often finds treasures. Last week he came to drop-in with a box full of discarded electronics and spent the majority of the time picking through the box, plugging in old palm pilots from the 90’s and seeing what still worked. Today he found a broken bracelet in a box of donations and helped me use a twist tie to secure it to my wrist. He thought it looked beautiful. “It’s not perfect,” he said, “but it looks cool!”

My friend has a wonderful talent for picking out imperfect things and making them great. He likes rings and hats, electronics and guitars. He likes giving nicknames to people he treasures, and making people laugh till their stomachs are aching. He sees beauty in simple things, and that is a lovely trait to possess.

I have heard grand stories of my friend’s transformation from the time he first walked into the Dale till now. Sometimes I wish I had been there to see it. While he hates to admit it sometimes, most times, he knows his softly changing heart is from the Lord. And he is changing mine, like many of my new friends have been over the past nine months.

I aspire to see the beauty in simple things, and to make people laugh. I aspire to greet people with charm and excitement, even in the middle of the Dollarama. And I aspire to see the treasures of the world, no matter how small.

From one Barfy to another, Happy New Year. Let’s look for beauty this year.

One thought on “treasures.

  1. Not sure I could accept the nickname Barfy. I’d be ready to upchuck every time I was called it.
    And I’m not sure that cleaning up would be doable.
    Would definitely need a new nickname.

    Treasures are always welcome surprises.


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