Offerings Spread Far with Love.

On Sunday we received a donation of food, some of which included two bags of mixed produce. The person who gave this food feels very strongly about giving a tithe, and therefore gives what he has which is extra groceries from the food bank. This time we received two mixed bags of produce.

From the outside, the bags of produce didn’t look appealing. They were small items all mixed together and needing to be eaten soon lest they expire. We put them in the fridge to think about another day.

Monday rolled around and we realized we needed a vegetarian option for our meal to go (we rely on Second Harvest for the majority of our food, and this week we did not receive any veggie options). Joanna suggested we make a potato salad from the produce… she’s great at looking at vegetables and knowing how beautiful they can be 🙂 So ahead we went!

With some extra ingredients from the store, purchased from money generously donated to us, we were able to make two kinds of beautiful, fresh, nutritious salads for vegetarian folks. As I was chopping and dicing, boiling and mixing, I was touched by the gift of this food and the blessing it was to us.

We talk a lot about offering and tithing at The Dale, and how it does not always have to be merely financial. We receive gifts of art, song, prayer, coupons, and food – just to name a few. This offering of groceries turned into a meal made with love, and was given out while fostering community and connection at our Monday lunch. One persons generous offering went so far and was filled up more and more with love along the way. Now that is a cool and beautiful gift! I am certain that God was glad.

Thank you, kind person, for your offering of groceries. And to all of YOU for the way you give to The Dale. Your offerings are spread far with love. I hope you know it.


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