The Art of Giving.

One thing that we make sure is known and valued here at The Dale, and which I have talked about a lot before, is the idea of giving and receiving. We all have something of value to offer, no matter who we are. It could be prayer, our presence, money, help with the dishes, flowers, a painting, and so much more. I have been given so much in my time here at The Dale. One thing that I have received in abundance is encouragement, especially from my friend Kim.

Kim and I are into a lot of the same things. Gardening, nature, art, crafts, making something with our hands, and having little gatherings with our closest friends. You might remember me writing last fall about an outdoor art group that I facilitated – Kim participated that day and was so encouraging to me. She encouraged me beforehand when the original group was cancelled due to rain. And she lifted me up after the art group finally happened as well by telling me how proud she was of me (she knows facilitating a group makes me anxious).

To my delight, this Spring Kim came to me and asked if we could have another art group in the summer. We chatted about our ideas, looked through Pinterest together for crafting inspiration, came up with a location and a list of supplies we needed, and invited our friends. I know that Kim loves art and I know that she loves me. Which is why she encouraged me to do another art group and sat with me to talk it through and came that day to participate and told me how fun it was. I know she wanted to encourage me to do a hard thing and know that I could follow through. Kim is a great friend in that way.

Our art day this summer was so fun. Kim and I decided we would paint terracotta pots and plant seeds in them. We would have a small group gather in a community garden here at the church and paint together in the shade. When the day came for the group to gather, it was so hot. We found a little spot of shade in the garden and painted together for an hour in the afternoon. It was just four ladies together doing art, but it meant the world to me. I loved it, and I loved that Kim encouraged it to happen. It wouldn’t have happened without her.

Thank you, Kim, for the way you love and encourage. Your gift is the way you see the good in people and help them to see their ideas through. You’re a big dreamer. And all of those things are a gift to me too. I am grateful for our friendship and our art groups!

I hope you all have a friend like Kim. With Peace,

Meg 🙂

I am a community worker at the Dale Ministries in Parkdale! You can learn more about how to support my work financially at !


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