At Least It Was Moving

Last week after our church service on Sunday, I walked as I always do to the bus at Queen St. West and Dufferin. It was a Sunday afternoon which meant service was moving along slowly (slower than usual). I was quite annoyed having just missed a bus as I was walking up to the stop and it was evident things were not moving quickly. As I stood there waiting for the next bus, more and more people came to the stop. I knew it would not be a pleasant ride home.

After about 15 minutes, a Dale community member who was at church caught up to me. I was looking at my phone, not really wanting to interact with anyone. I was hot, annoyed, and feeling impatient. I just wanted to get back to my family waiting at home. He greeted me and stood beside me, waiting for the bus as well. He quietly took out his scissors and paper to make cut out shapes, a coping mechanism that he is well known for. I continued to look at my phone when he asked me if I wanted a candle. I said sure and put my phone down as he proceeded to cut a candle out of spare paper for me. He then asked if I wanted a heart in the middle of it and I said yes. A few minutes later I was given this beautiful piece of art and I added it to the growing collection I have with my belongings.

Candle with a heart.

This person often gifts paper crafts. He gave Ian and I an abundance of paper tulips for our wedding decor. He cut out hearts for Charlotte at Valentines Day and they are up in her room. I have another heart ring in my wallet. And now a candle in my backpack. He is also known to make rabbits at Easter and reindeer at Christmas. Sometimes on the subway I find little pieces of paper that I know he has been cutting in his travels. A city wide treasure hunt if you will.

Finally the bus came and my friend and I got a little separated. I was still feeling bothered, being squished on the bus. Especially so when it turned when it shouldn’t have and I realized we were on a detour. My friend travels everywhere and anywhere all day long, often walking or taking transit. He did not seemed phased by the delays or detours, finding someone else on the bus to chat with who he was sitting closer to.

We eventually made it to Dufferin Station, where I knew we would both be getting off. My friend had said earlier he was making his way to Dufferin Station to look around for beer cans. There is a beer store close by where you can return them for money. We found each other off the bus and before walking downstairs, he said goodbye to me. His parting words being, “Hey! At least it was moving!” – meaning the bus.

I was taken aback by his comment, only able to smile and say goodbye. This whole time I had been annoyed and frustrated, bothered by the slow pace at which I was moving towards home. Meanwhile my friend could look on the bright side, happy with the movement of the bus. Like my friend, the bus was moving, albeit slower with nowhere to go anywhere quickly. But it was moving, keeping on and doing it’s thing.

My friend taught me about resilience and patience in that simple moment. Not only did he wait patiently, he also gave me a beautiful gift of his art, chatted on the bus, made sure I wasn’t alone, and encouraged me on my way off. I am grateful for the peace that he presented to me when I was not feeling it, and grateful that I was able to receive it. Sometimes all it takes is a recognition of forward movement, no matter how slow, to make one appreciate things. Thank you, friend.

I am a community worker at The Dale Ministries. I am so glad you come by here to read my blogs and join in on this journey with me. I must fundraise my entire salary in order to be able to do this work. If you would like to support me, please visit this link: and indicate that your gift is for me. Thank you!

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