Just Another Day at The Dale.

We have an expression amongst our staff team at The Dale that we’ve turned into a hashtag, “Just Another Day at The Dale.” It often comes out when we are doing odd things or redundant things or things that would be hard to explain to anyone else. It is when we find ourselves in one of these times and laugh together that I find myself blessed by the odd jobs we sometimes take on in our work with community.

A couple of weeks ago we received a call from a community member. She had broken a button on one of the couple of pants she owns. This woman has had many of her belongings for years and years. She repairs rather than buying new for many reasons, and so was hoping that we could fix the button on her pants. Joanna said she would give it a go, and she not only fixed them but she did such a great job that our friend brought another pair to us with the same issue. We were given a little gift for our repairing skills (which was unnecessary but so sweet) and the satisfaction of helping a friend. #justanotherdayatthedale

Jo fixing our friend’s pants!

A couple of years ago, our friend Chevy who has now passed away, was in the hospital for an extended time. At the time she had maaaany a number of pets including multiple cats and a feisty little dog, Jacob. We offered to pet sit for her in an effort to convince her to remain in the hospital and ended up in an almost daily rotation with some other community members in order to feed her beloved pets for months on end. #justanotherdayatthedale

There are so many instances where these odd jobs come up… I have handfuls coming into my head. So many times where we shake our heads and chuckle at the odd thing we are doing, the moving around taking place, the situations we find ourselves in, the love we share with our friends, and silly situations. But while some of these instances are silly (ie: moving frozen meat from one place to the next over and over), there are many more that are just our life.

Accompanying someone to get ID, bringing cleaning supplies to someone’s place and a helping hand, laying hands on a friend’s leg to pray over them in hospital, sharing a meal, reading scripture, playing guitar in the park, moving items from storage… even fixing a button on a friend’s pants. These aren’t simply just tasks to be done to fill our week. They are moments of vulnerability and trust happening. They are acts of love. They are teaching moments and confidence boosters. They are giving and receiving. They are community work.

I am so glad to be in community at The Dale. I am so glad for silly jobs and #justanotherdayatthedale moments. And for serious, life giving, community building, kingdom work that draws us closer together with each other. For as many hands as I lay on my friends to pray, I have been prayed for abundantly in return. That is a beautiful gift I will always cherish.

I am a community worker at The Dale Ministries in Parkdale! In order to do this work I must fundraise my entire salary. Please consider joining my support team by emailing me at meagan.gillard@gmail.com. If you join my support team in the month of December, you will be entered to win a painting done by me!

2 thoughts on “Just Another Day at The Dale.

  1. Great post!

    Loved it. Proud of you

    Jason Luscombe

    Eastern Ontario District
    Assistant to the Superintendent – Ministries
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