Good People.

Last night we had the pleasure of sharing the evening with some of our volunteers and partners in the neighbourhood. We try to have an evening like this at least once a year, a Volunteer Appreciation Night, if you will. It is a chance for us to get together out of the context of a drop-in and spend time more quality time with the people that really lift us up and thank them for that.

Last night as we sat together at a local Parkdale institution, The Rhino, at a long table together in the back, it was such a joy and honour to look down the table and see our “people”. Of course we were missing some folks, as not everyone could make it. But we are so grateful for everyone, whether they came or not, and how they selflessly support us and our friends in the community with their time, love, and the gifts that they all uniquely bring.

There was such a mix of friends, from those who come on Monday and work hard in the kitchen making our large lunch, some German interns we have had with us for six months and can’t stand the thought of letting go, some folks from The Meeting House church who walk with us on outreach and organize events for us, some folks who have been around for years and some that are new, all sitting together and reminding us of how loved we are. We could not do anything at all without the support of these people, and so many others.

We chatted, ate together, sat around and shared our stories, got to know people better and caught up with old friends, and it was so magical. These are the moments that I wish we would do all the time, and that’s coming from an introvert! Just to look around at the table, without saying a word, I was filled in my spirit knowing that somehow God has brought us all together. We have some good, good people. And we really love them, just as I know they really love us. That’s the great thing about community work – it’s a lot of give and take. For that, I will always be so grateful.

If you would like to partner with me financially on my journey at the Dale, please email me at All my salary is fundraised with the help of generous supporters, and I am still looking to increase my hours from where I currently am at 16 per week. This can be done through cheque, PAR, or CanadaHelps.

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