Park Tuesdays.

It is that time of year again…. well kinda. Some days of the week these days (even though its the middle end-ish of MAY!) it seems like it’s that time of year again where the weather warms up enough so that we can move our Tuesday drop-in outside to a park.

Tuesdays in the park are always a great time. Except that one time that Joanna was nailed from above with flying produce. But we won’t talk about that now! Besides the occasional eggs flailing through the sky, Tuesdays are usually filled with music floating through the park from our friends jamming on guitars practicing worship songs for Sunday, a couple dogs running around, people from the area walking by enjoying the music and stopping to snack on our chips, picnic tables filled with people or people sitting in circles on the grass, enjoying chips, grapes, juice, the sun, and the company.

I really like summer Tuesdays in the park. It’s a chance for all of us to have a break from the back of the Thrift Store where we normally reside, and get out into the open. I like that there is more space, that we never have to worry about there being enough chairs, that there are pups walking by and running around, and that people seem to be just a little more happy sitting in the sun drinking juice. I know I am !

It is a little precarious at this time of year to say we are always in the park, especially with the spring rain still upon us. There was a time when I first started at the Dale that it seemed like every Tuesday it was cloudy and rainy! But that rush of deciding whether or not to stay outside for drop-in, and ultimately saying yes to the park always gives me a rush.

Please pray that this summer provides lots of good memories in the park, that we will stay safe from flying vegetables (seriously… it happened), and that our friends who are always on the street who don’t have the option to go inside after a drop-in at the park will stay safe and get affordable housing soon. This city really needs it.

Peace to you as summer slowly comes… even though I am one to love the chilly days of winter, I can’t wait to see more of the sun!

If you would like to partner with me financially on my journey at the Dale, please email me at All my salary is fundraised with the help of generous supporters, and I am still looking to increase my hours from where I currently am at 16 per week. This can be done through cheque, PAR, or CanadaHelps.

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