I keep trying to write this really deep blog post about how much I am trying to learn about myself in this line of work and how life can be hard sometimes when it feels like people are against you. But it’s not working out and maybe that’s because all I have to write this week is this:

After coming back from a community retreat this weekend, a Dale friend and I had words on the bus. I asked him to stop doing something and in not so many words, he told me to stop talking. We didn’t talk the rest of the trip home or the next day. On Tuesday I felt a shift and he said hey to me, so I brought him a coffee as a peace offering. He took my hand and said, “Friends?”.

Grace overflowed in that moment and I was shown again how God works in mysterious ways. It was a seemingly easy moment between us in a mixture of  a day filled with frustration, anxiety, tears, and worry. God showed me grace, my friend showed me grace, and I showed the same.

A peace offering and an outstretched hand. I know things aren’t always this simple, and even in this situation there was a lot of work years past and days before that led to this tiny miracle. But I am grateful for the hope that sometimes they can be this simple.

“Friends?” “Yep.”

It would mean so much to me if you were able to partner financially with The Dale to support my role within this ministry. There are a number of ways to do this, including CanadaHelps, PAR, or cheque. Please reach out to me if you would like more information on partnering with me in this way. Thanks for your support!



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