farts are funny.

Tuesday may have started off a little tense.

As the end of the month nears, moods can be in all sorts of places, as people try to survive with no money and wait desperately for the next cheque to come in. This makes for the busi-est of drop-in times and sometimes the most tense. Of course, money is not the only source of stress. People are just people, and there are many stresses that our friends live with on the daily (and walk resiliently past).

On Tuesday, usually the quietest day of the week where we gather at the Thrift Store and have coffee, play scrabble, and eat chips, the mood was slightly tense, I must admit. People who usually get along where snapping at each other, while other frustrations and past griefs came to the surface. This is all normal. I mean, when we walk in community together, it won’t look perfect. Friendships may be dented and scratched. However, this also means that usually we come back together with love and grace, which is a beautiful thing to witness.

So although moods were tense on Tuesday to start, we pushed through. Scrabble was brought out and letters were distributed. Guitars were tuned and music played delicately in the background (sometimes over harsh words). Snacks were consumed. And in the midst of a really tense time – a fart app was brought out on someones phone. Someone who is getting better at self regulating their mood and saying respectfully what they need instead of yelling at someone, brought out the farts and the whole table was instantly in giggles. It was the best. There were a plethora of farts to be heard and we were mesmerized for at least 10 minutes, listening to them all, faces red with joy instead of anger, and laughing uncontrollably.

At the end of the day, people made up. They were able to talk about their frustrations and express themselves. They fist-bumped and made peace. We left with smiles and hugs. Things may have started rocky, but at the end of the day, it is fun and amazing and beautiful to watch people be in community together and love each other deeply.

And no matter what anyone tells you, farts will always be funny.



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